Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Talking on a cell phone is a wonderful way to lose weight, but only if you walk while you’re doing it. A couple of years ago, Sandra A. and I discovered we share the same nationwide cell phone service, so we can talk until our batteries die – without it costing us a cent extra. Since then, we’ve walked and talked almost every day.

When there’s freezing rain in North Texas where Sandra lives, she stays indoors but will talk to me while I walk up and down the hills in my neighborhood. When it snowed one December in Washington State (my home), I walked on the treadmill while Sandra trooped up and down her street, telling me about the inflatable Christmas decorations in the yards she passed. Since we’ve both visited in each other’s homes many times, we can describe what we’re passing in our neighborhoods – the flowers blooming at the big house on the corner or the new construction at the top of the hill – and the other person can visualize what we’re seeing.

Just knowing we have a friend who will keep us company while walking has encouraged both of us to get out and get moving, even on days when we’d rather stay inside and watch TV. I’ve learned to walk in drizzly rain (a common occurrence where I live). On some days I not only have a BlueTooth but blue lips as well. Sandra braves the hot Texas sun or blustery Blue Northers, though thunderstorms will keep her safe indoors.

Without our walkie-talkie system I’m sure we’d have all kinds of good excuses for avoiding our daily walks. But with them we’re getting in shape, losing pounds, and keeping in touch. And, of course, it gives us an opportunity to discuss our book.

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