Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Photo by Michael Marcol
We're thrilled to announce that lucky lady June M. is the winner of a copy of I.O.U. SEX in our "Party 'Til Your Heels Fly Off" contest. 

Our drawing for the winner was completely random, so it was really a surprise that our winner's name turned out to be June -- the name of one of the main characters in I.O.U. SEX! Plus the contest took place in the month of June. What are the chances of that happening?

A bit of trivia. We tossed horseshoes during our blog tour barbeque picnic, and horseshoes are supposed to bring good luck. But that only works if you hang them with the ends pointing upward. That way, they catch and hold any good luck that may be floating by. I guess June's horseshoes did their job! And in case you're wondering, June's favorite picnic food is raw veggies.

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