Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

Title: I.O.U. SEX
Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance
Rating: R (Sex between consenting adults and some mild profanity)

Haven’t all of us had weight or health issues at one time or another? One of the main characters in our book, I.O.U. Sex, faces the reality that the worst thing about being overweight isn’t her appearance—it’s the threat to her health. In this scene, Peggy realizes just how severe her problem really is when she opens an envelope from her doctor’s office and sees the results of her latest physical.

     Peggy took a deep breath, hoping her cholesterol level was lower than last time, and that her HDLs, LDLs, whatever the heck all those Ls were, had improved. Filled with dread, she opened the envelope and spread the sheet of paper across her knees.
     There it was in black and white—total cholesterol, 359.
     Geez, that’s almost as much as the number of days in a year.
     Her other numbers were even worse. The doctor had written a note at the bottom of the page, asking her to call his office. He also wrote “diet, exercise, medication” alongside his comment and underlined the words for emphasis.
     Double crap.
     No way did she want to go on some ridiculous diet that would leave her starving and depressed, like some anorexic supermodel, or take some scary medication with a long list of side effects. She crammed the report back into the envelope….

Peggy always says, "Even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while." But will she be able to find the strength to reverse her weight and health issues, especially before she connects with her old boyfriend?

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  1. You've chosen a powerful topic as your theme in this story. Great sample.

  2. this was interesting . And the premise not one I've seen before. Bravo

  3. Thanks for a real-life situation! Good work.

  4. I hope she starts to take care of herself! Does she have friends to support her? Very interesting excerpt.

    Here's mine:

  5. This is my favorite sample from this book so far! Really nice, ladies.


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