Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet Saturday Samples - Mar 10

Hi! Welcome back! Have you been wondering what happened when Denny woke up in the motel and saw June sitting across the room, fully dressed? Let’s join them back in 1965 and find out.

When Denny opened his eyes, he smiled at June and stretched. He patted the bed beside him. "Come here, Junie."
She shook her head and crossed her arms over her stomach. He looked so sexy, his hair tousled, his chest barely covered by the rumpled sheets. She knew if she went closer and he kissed her, even once, she'd be lost.
Denny frowned. "What's wrong? I love you, Junie. What we did was beautiful."
June bowed her head but didn't speak.
Denny sat up in bed. "I want you to come back to Dallas with me. I want you to marry me."
Shocked by his statement, June shook her head. "I love you, too, but—"
"You could go to a college closer to home."
"You don't understand. My scholarship ...."
Denny pushed the sheet aside and sat on the edge of the bed, looking across at June. "If you really loved me, you'd find a way to be with me. Or maybe you agree with your mother. Maybe I'm not good enough for you. Is that it?" He stood, stepped into his jeans, and tugged them over his hips, the rasp of his zipper the only sound in the room.
"You know it isn't that. Why can't you understand?" June turned away, tears spilling down her cheeks. It seemed futile to repeat what she'd tried to explain so many times before.
"Coming here was a mistake. I thought maybe you'd come back with me." He shook his head. "I guess I've got my answer." Denny grabbed his shirt and shoved his feet into his shoes.
"Please listen. I know it seems like a long time till I finish school, but I'm taking as many classes as I can and—."
Denny ran his fingers through his hair. "I've heard it all before. I don't come first in your life, and it seems like I never will." He paused and stared at the floor, then looked up, his eyes angry and full of sorrow at the same time. "Damn it, June, I can't take this any more. You can just go to hell for all I care!" He stormed out of the motel room and slammed the door behind him.
June never heard from him again.

    With such a heartbreaking ending to their encounter back then, it’s no wonder June is worried about telling Denny her past secret now—just when they’ve reconnected after decades apart. What really happened all those years ago that would cause such angst for June now?

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  1. This is so sad! If he loved her he'd wait no matter what, as long as she was his and his alone. GRRR. But yes, this definitely ups the ante for the present day encounter! *grin*

  2. I'm not sure I'd want to go with a guy that used that kind of emotinal blackmail at this point. Nicely portrayed.

  3. How could she let such a great guy get away? I bought this, and I'd better read it because not knowing is driving me nuts. So well done!!

  4. I think this was the most heartbreaking of all the events that brought the girls into their pact.

  5. Very sad scene. Denny is obviously insecure about June's affection. I'm wondering what secret June is keeping from him. Hmmm...

  6. Dear me, Were we really like that in the 60's. Did young men expect their girlfriends/lovers to follow them everywhere and give up their future careers. It rings so true to what life was like then for many young women. It's so interesting to read a 'blast from the past' so to speak. Cheers

  7. So sad. I know things are going to work out for June because she deserves is so much, but it's going to be a rough road. Great sample :)

  8. What a sad scene. But I suppose she wasn't the only woman who was expected to make a choice between a man and her career.

  9. I feel really bad for June, and wonder just what her secret is. It's too bad Denny couldn't listen to her explanations and took it personally.

  10. Oh, this is so sad and so true for many young couples. June should have talked to him again and Denny shouldn't have run out. We're so headstrong and dramatic at that age! I hope things work out this time around!

  11. Boy, there's that old-time double standard. He can go to college wherever he wants, but she's supposed to be with him. Love this story.


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