Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples - Nov 19

Those of you who have been Sweet Saturday Sample fans for the past few weeks have followed the weight-loss efforts of Peggy, one of our characters from I.O.U. Sex. As our excerpt below shows, sticking to her healthy weight loss plan not only means exercise, it also involves making good food choices as she goes about her daily life. Here’s a report on her progress.

Peggy now walked at a faster clip. As the days of eating healthy foods and exercising progressed, the pounds seemed to melt off her body like a dripping ice cream cone on a hot summer day. She remained diligent about writing in her food journal and counting all those pesky calories—keeping score, just like June had suggested. Sure, there were days when the scales seemed stuck on a number—days when she awoke with a taste for chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes on her tongue—days when she gave in to her cravings with a yummy taste or two. But thank goodness those days were few and far between.
With the nutrition labels on foods, it became an easy task to quantify each serving, and she found the calorie counts for fresh produce in her food counter paperback. There was even a website where she could look up all kinds of information for any type of fast food, although she didn't often eat at such places. When she did, she always chose healthy items, and even then, she tried to follow her throw-away-half rule—eating half and pitching the rest in the trash.
The ease of sticking to this food and exercise plan amazed her, making her want to kick herself for not doing it sooner. She now thought of this as her permanent way of life. It was healthy living, period. After all, Peg knew that if she returned to her former junk food days, those blubbery pounds would come right back, and they'd probably bring all their friends with them. She certainly didn't want that.

Our friend Peg is hanging in there! She’s learning to be aware of what she’s eating, even if she finds herself in a fast food restaurant. Ideally, she’ll choose a salad or other healthy item, but sometimes nothing but a burger will do. With Peg’s “eat half rule” she can cut 500 calories from her meal by simply choosing a Whopper Junior (340 calories) instead of a regular Whopper (670 calories)—and eating only half the Junior (170 calories). Yes, she hates to throw food away, but it’s much better for the food to go to waste rather than going to her waist, right?

If you’d like to know the calorie and nutrition content of your favorite foods or restaurant items, try the handy-dandy calorie counter at Calorie King. It also offers inspirational stories and advice.

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  1. I need Peggy's willpower--especially with the approaching holiday season! Love the way you draw her character. She gives us hope that we can change, no matter what age we are!

  2. Another inspiring sample for healthy living! Well done :)

  3. Woman, do you know how many cravings I now have thanks to this excerpt? LOL. (Fortunately a salad is among them!) I'm afraid Peggy has passed me by. We were hanging in there together for a while, but nothing has melted off of me yet, LOL.

  4. I love eating healthy foods! Unfortunately, I also love eating non-healthy foods. I need to take a page from Peggy's book. Thanks for the excerpt!

  5. I wish I'd had that kind of willpower and those sorts of rules when I was ballooning up to over 20 pounds past my normal weight when I was away at college! I hope Peggy continues losing weight on schedule.

  6. I would love to have her will-power

  7. Go, girl! My problem with eating is that I over eat when I'm depressed. I hope she doesn't have this same challenge!

  8. Stress eating kills me! I think I need Peggy's willpower.


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