Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WINNER of our "Save a Turkey - Gobble a Book" Blog Tour Contest

We're delighted to announce that the winner of our "Save a Turkey - Gobble a Book" blog tour contest is ...


Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your free eBook copy of I.O.U. SEX.

This blog tour was so much fun for us, especially reading the names of all the favorite dishes listed in your comments. Tofurkey and turkey. Corn pudding, corn bread, cheese potatoes. Pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, pistachio salad. Pecan pie too. Our winner Marilyn said she goes straight for the desserts. Just reading the list of favorites was enough to add five pounds to anybody's hips!

Thank you to everyone who participated. We're glad you enjoyed our tongue-in-cheek look at raising turkeys in your own backyard. Have a glorious Thanksgiving (or autumn season, depending on where you live) and we hope to hear from you again real soon.

FYI: For info on ordering I.O.U. SEX as an eBook or in paperback, click on the "Buy I.O.U. SEX" tab under the header above.

Illustration source: http://thanksgiving-greetings.blogspot.com/2010/08/corporate-thanksgiving-greetings.html

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