Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples - Dec 10

Happy holidays! Thanks for reading today’s Sweet Saturday Sample. If you’ve been following Peggy, from our book I.O.U. SEX, then you know about her healthy living program. It’s taken a while, but by eating healthy foods, exercising, and tracking her daily caloric intake, Peg has finally reached her goal weight. Thrilled when she sees the hoped-for number on her scale, she prepares to collect the rewards she has promised herself. Peggy’s first adventure is at the mall where we join her in a Victoria’s Secret dressing room.

A few minutes later, the salesgirl returned with her arms full of beautiful lace and silk creations in every conceivable hue—the kind that Peg hadn't purchased since she'd assembled her trousseau. Left alone, she took her time trying on each style, turning to view herself in the mirror from every angle and marveling at how beautiful and feminine they made her look and feel. Even though her body wasn't as firm as it had once been, she didn't look bad, and anything was better than the way she'd been before she lost weight. She glowed with pride.
Peggy couldn't help chuckling out loud when she read the names on the bras— Extreme Plunge Push-up, Secret Embrace Demi, Strapless Convertible. She wondered what that style converted to and what it would feel like to experience a secret embrace again. After choosing five different bras, Peg wandered around the store picking out two dozen pairs of panties that made her shiver in delight. V-Strings, Bikinis, Cheekies, and Thongs made it into her stack of goodies.
Thongs? I can't believe I'm buying something so risqué. Kiki would be proud of me.
When Peggy finally walked out of the store, she wore a gorgeous ecru lace bra and matching bikini panties underneath stylish new sweats. She carried four extra-large pink and white striped shopping bags full of luxurious, if somewhat decadent, lingerie. Her new sweats and pajamas were in size small, all from the Pink Collection. Although Peg worried that the style might be too young-looking for her, the sales girl said she looked hot in them. When she left her old clothes in the dressing room trashcan, she felt as if she'd shed a skin she'd worn for too many years.

Before the afternoon is over, Peggy has visited more stores than she can shake a stick at and purchased an entire wardrobe for her new and improved body—everything from dresses to jeans, shoes to earrings. But there’s more ….

As she steered into her driveway, Peggy's thoughts turned to the evening ahead. Tonight she would give herself her biggest reward for achieving her weight loss goal, the prize that had steeled her resistance when chocolate-frosted donuts tempted, a reward even better than all her new clothes.
Tonight she would open the magic envelope and learn about her first love.

What’s in the magic envelope? The report from the private investigator—the report that she’s hidden away as her ultimate prize for sticking to a healthy eating program. What will the P.I.’s report reveal? Will she learn where Mark lives? If he’s married or single? And will the P.I. explain why Mark left Dallas all those years ago without a word?

I.O.U. SEX could be the perfect Christmas gift—especially for those Baby Boomers on your list. You’ll have to admit, the title alone will bring a laugh to any Christmas party or gift exchange! It’s available in paperback from both Create Space and It’s also available in ebook formats. For more details, click on the “Buy I.O.U. Sex” tab above.

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[*Photos at the top of this post are from the Victoria’s Secret website.]


  1. I'm jealous of your heroine. I should follow her example so I could go shopping for some goodies.

  2. That sounds like a fun shopping spree. ;)

  3. Great shopping spree and I'm glad she got a few items from the pink collection

  4. Wow, what a shopping spree. I enjoyed it with her vicariously. And a catchy ending to this that left me wondering what next.

  5. We're glad y'all had fun shopping with Peggy. She worked so hard to lose weight and get her cholesterol under control, and we thought she deserved to reward herself. Besides, we had a great time helping her pick out new clothes! ~ Sandy N.

  6. It sounds like you had great fun with her shopping spree, and wonder how much went into 'research' first!? Great sample.

  7. That was a shopping spree I'd love to emulate! I love shopping for lingerie--yeah, Peggy! You deserve all your rewards! Hope the big reward is what you want it to be. :)

  8. A new lacy thong is a great way to feel sexy! A wonderful reward for losing extra pounds :)

  9. What a fun shopping spree. It's so nice to be able to fit into clothes like that after losing a lot of weight.

  10. Much of the fun of writing is doing research, and we definitely did some on-site investigating before writing the Victoria's Secret scene. I wonder: Would the IRS consider "lingerie purchase" a legitimate writing expense?


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