Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample - Jan 28

A big thank you to everyone who visits our blog each week for Sweet Saturday Samples. We hope you’re enjoying excerpts from I.O.U. Sex. 

Last week we left our friend June thinking back to the days of drive-in movies with her first love, Denny. But the real question is whether or not she’s going to try to find him after all these years. In this excerpt, you’ll see that June has not only tracked Denny down, she’s actually talking to him on the phone!

A deep voice came through the telephone after the second ring. "Reid's Automotive."
June held back a gasp.
Oh, my God. That's Denny.
She took a deep breath before speaking, her nerves gyrating like the ceiling fan above her. "Uh, yes. I'd like to make an appointment to get my oil changed."
"You don't need an appointment, ma'am. Just bring your car by. We'll have time to take care of that this afternoon."
With every word Denny spoke, June's heart pounded harder.
"Oh, no. That's too soon." She clutched the phone so hard her knuckles turned white. "I mean ... I can't today."
"Well, just bring it on by whenever it's convenient. We're open Monday through Saturday, nine to five." The familiar voice hesitated. "Excuse me, but have you brought your car in before?"
Oh, this is a bad idea. What was I thinking?
No, wait. It's just a phone call. I can handle this.
She smiled, curiosity overcoming her doubts.
Could he have recognized my voice? I wonder what he looks like now?
What had happened to the confident young woman she'd been at eighteen? The answer came at once—life, that's what, plus years of putdowns from her ex-husband Stan.
"No, I ...thank you." June replaced the receiver with shaking hands. She definitely wasn't ready for a face-to-face meeting with him just yet.
After days of pep talks in front of her mirror, June finally found the courage to face Denny. Just as she'd done for years, she made a list of positive and negative outcomes
Negative: Doesn't recognize me. Won't let me explain. Completely indifferent.
This last thought made her pause.
Or maybe he'll even hate me.
Positive: Happy to see me. Wants to be friends. Forgives me.

So what will it be? Will June decide that the positives outweigh the negatives for meeting Denny again, face-to-face? And what will happen if she does?

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  1. ARGH! What happens?! I repeat ... ARGH! LOL.

  2. Love the tension that happens when you think you want something but suddenly become unsure. Well done. Now I want to be there when they meet. How does he react?

    1. I'm so glad we've piqued your curiosity!

  3. Ooh, can't wait to find out what she decides! And what he has to forgive her for. Wonderful sample!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the sample. We'll continue with June's story in the coming weeks.

  4. I can sympathize with June's hesitation--what will be the best course after all these years? I hope she gives Denny a chance. Great story!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Lindsay. I'm glad June's nervousness came across as intended.

  6. I sure hope things go well when they meet. I liked the way you showed her uncertainty.

    1. Thank you, Elaine. After so many years, we figured she'd be hesitant!

  7. I love the dialogue between them. Who wouldn't feel nervous about speaking to an old love after so many years?

  8. What did she do that's so unforgivable? They were really young at the time, after all. I hope she takes the chance and goes to see him anyway. She deserves to be happy.

    1. We enjoyed getting to know our June character and writing about her. She's a nice person.


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