Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Modern Day Lumberjacks

Doorbell rings and young man says to me, "My name is Jake. I'll be your climber today." Doesn't that sound like a good start for a book? 

We're having a couple of trees removed behind our house today, and this is the guy who's going to be climbing up them and lopping off branches - a modern-day lumberjack.

This photo is from our last tree removal about five years ago.

I hate to have trees taken down, but when they're threatening to fall on the house, there's no choice.


  1. Oh, I love that as an opening line...it definitely makes me think of hunky guys and hot scenes ahead...lol

    Love the photo.

    I had to have my eucalyptus trees topped a few years ago when living in the foothills. I was happy they got to continue living, though.

  2. Too bad about the trees, but every living thing has a cycle, right? But that line? Oh...so many ways to go with that one! I'm still laughing...thanks for that!

  3. OMG Been there last year only ours entailed the removal of 73 pine tress infested with beetles!

  4. Thanks for the comments! I think writers tend to pick up on unusual things -- like different ways of saying things -- more than "normal" people do. When this guy gave me his opening line, I had to stifle a giggle.
    I'm glad all of you enjoyed my post.

  5. I agree Sandy. Writers are always thinking about a story in all events. Good thing you're taking the tree down. I procrastinated once and big storm took it down for me.

  6. I agree--Much of life is a book title :). Poor trees but they are way too thin to be so tall and will fall easily in storms. We've sure had enough of falling tresshere withj the big storms.


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