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Interview with Author Kelly Marshall

Today we’re interviewing author Kelly Marshall about her police mystery, The Love Songs Murders. Welcome, Kelly!

Tell us a little bit about The Love Songs Murders.
Nick Winston and Pat Strom are two Seattle homicide detectives who dig working together. He’s straight, she’s gay. In politically liberal Seattle, that’s not a problem until…they both find the same woman irresistible. Suddenly their wonderful working relationship is intolerable.  The object of their affection is radio announcer, Jasmine James. Beautiful and sultry, James has a sexual appetite big enough to satisfy both detectives. The two officers are not the only ones obsessed with her. A crazed fan kidnaps Jasmine James while four of her male listeners are discovered dead with a single bullet to their ear as her Love Songs program plays softly in the background. The pressure is on Nick and Strom to find the murderer and locate James before her air runs out.

I’d like to know more about Winston and Strom’s relationship.
I love the interplay between Nick and Strom. He’s a tad vain and she keeps him grounded. Their dynamic is fun to work with, and they really do care about each other, not unlike warring siblings.

Your character Jasmine James is a radio announcer. You have a background in radio, don’t you?
Yes, but I always thought I’d communicate in the world through the written word. I had planned on being a journalist and envisioned myself as the next Barbara Walters. Instead, I ended up in a broadcasting school in Colorado Springs, CO. Rather than news, my first job was doing overnights at a country music radio station in Roanoke, VA. I spent close to thirty years in radio. It was never a job to me. It was fun, intense, and often exciting. Conversely, it was unstable and humbling. I feel lucky and blessed to have had that experience.

So that’s how you came up with the idea for your book?
That's right. I used to do a love songs dedication show, and I wanted to write about what I know. Besides, there is an element of contrast between love and murder. I like that.

Which chapter in The Love Songs Murders was the most fun to write?
I loved writing the first sex scene between Nick and Jasmine…a hot steamy shower scene.

What chapter was your favorite?  
Hmm. I think the culminating fight scene between Jasmine and the murderer. I worked a lot on that. The lesbian sex scenes were a challenge.  A gay friend of mine told me I did a good job.  That was an extreme compliment.

What has been the best compliment you’ve received as an author? 
Laurie Jenkins of Nite Owl Reviews wrote of The Love Songs Murders: “With enough twists to keep even the most experienced armchair sleuth guessing, this novel is an unusual and exciting foray into the seedy side of jealousy, revenge, and desire. The story remained spellbinding to the very end. Well-written, intense, and savvy; this mystery will not disappoint.” I was very pleased with that review.

If your book were made into a movie, who would you cast to play your characters?

Nick Winston: Hugh Jackman is such a manly man. I just love looking at him. And he has a great sense of humor and comedic timing. And oh my gosh, don’t get me started on that wonderful body! The only thing, he doesn’t look like I wrote Nick. There is a lesser known actor by the name of Taylor Kitsch who worked with Jackman in “Xmen Origins: Wolverine.” He looks like I envision Nick, and he’s got a sexy timbre to his voice.

Pat Strom: Emily blunt is a British actress with a great stone face. You might recall her as Meryl Streep's assistant in "The Devil Wears Prada." She's cool, calm, bitchy. She would work well as Strom: controlled, capable, and a strong match for Nick. She doesn't let him get away with anything.

What about Jasmine James?
Angelina Jolie first comes to mind, followed by Megan Fox.

I love your characters. Are you planning a sequel featuring the two detectives?
Yes, I’m working on it right now. The working title is The Innocent. Nick and Strom are back on the case trying to solve another murder. The Innocent is about the murder of a child. So there is an element of deep sadness and horror. There is one character in the book that I just love writing about—Nick’s girlfriend, Tandy. She is uninhibited, unfettered and so much fun to write. The book is dark because of the child’s death. Tandy offers a touch of lightness in an otherwise more serious book.

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