Thursday, August 9, 2012

Senior Moments

Do you sometimes forget things? Read my lighthearted take on the subject on the Boomers & Books blog. It'll make you feel better. Here's the link:

Senior Moments

PS: I've also included a link to a fantastic Peach Cake recipe from America's Test Kitchen. One slice will definitely improve your attitude.


  1. Sandy, I posted the following on Senior Moments:

    Tweeted and posted to fb: A MUST read for all you Seniors! Of course, they are not always SENIOR moments. . .consolation for the seniors: it happens at any age!

    Here is a recent true story: My husband and I left the house for Ace Hardware. When we stopped at the hardward store, we looked at each other quizzically with an expression that said "Don't seem to know why we are here." I spoke first, "I do remember when we left the house where we were going but now that we are here, I have no idea why." He howled!

    1. Thanks for sharing the memory-blip moment you and your husband experienced. How funny! And thanks for posting a comment on the Boomers & Books post too.


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