Monday, April 25, 2011


Just a few days ago, I became a grandmother for the first time. And of course, the whole family is over the moon with our new little girl. Me, especially.

But I'm finding myself in an identity crisis. 
Who am I? 
Am I Grandma? (That brings back memories of my husband's rather stern grandmother who, I'm convinced, never approved of me.) 
Granny? (too Beverly Hillbillies)
Sandy-Ma? (like my sister-in-law) 
Mam-Maw? (from my Southern heritage) 
Or how about Nana? Hmmm. With my last name, Nana Nachlinger sounds like a stutter. None of those names seem to fit.

When I asked my husband what he wanted our granddaughter to call him, he said, "Sir." I laughed until tears came to my eyes. I don't believe him for one minute!! He's so in love with the little darling that she could call him Poop and he'd be happy.

Friends have told me that no matter what name I choose, it really won't make any difference. Whichever way this first grandchild mangles my choice, that will be my name for ever more. And I'm okay with that. She can call me whatever she wants and I promise I'll be happy.

In the meantime, any suggestions for grandmother nicknames would be appreciated.


  1. Quite the dilemma! And congratulations on your darling granddaughter. I am Grandma Zona to my 3 grandkids because when the first one started talking, I was Grandma in Arizona, which got shortened to Grandma Zona. So now all 3 grandkids call me that. There are all sorts of names for grandmothers depending on the culture: Nain (Welsh, pronounced Nine); Yaiya (Greek); and many more I'm sure. I'm sure a Google search would find one you'd like!

  2. I love Grandma Zona! That's unique, for sure. Thanks for your suggestion re Google. I'll do more research. Since she's only four days old, I have a little time!

  3. Today she's four days old; tomorrow she'll be 4 years old; and before you know it she'll be a teenager! LOL

  4. Grandma Zona is great. But I don't think you'd want to be known as Grandma WA. How about Oma? It's German and Latvian. Oma Sandy? Russian is Baba. Spanish Abuela, which would go well with your daughter-in-law's heritage. Or Abuelita--much loved little granny.

  5. Thanks for the feedback! My DIL's mom is abuela (or abuelita). Right now I'm leaning toward Nana or Oma.


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