Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Every author brings a little bit of himself or herself to his/her written words. This old photo shows both Sandy and I when we were in the drill team. It seems like only yesterday that we were sitting in an assembly listening for our names to be called out as new members of the Stockard Strutters, our red & white dream. When I first looked back at this photo, I had to really study it to even find myself, but I was surprised at the memories that came back to me as I also studied the many faces represented here. Ah, the fun, the joy of having a common cause to support - our beloved school, L. V. Stockard, and its championship football team (& boys!).

When Sandy and I wrote I.O.U. Sex, some of those same memories reappeared in the fictional content of June, Kiki, and Peggy's memories of being a "Rayette" at Rayburn High School. It's a fictional work, but it's still filled with memories.
~ Miss Pickles (alias Sandra Allen)

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