Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here are a few photos sent to us by our friend (and memoir writer) Simon Yang. He took these recently while on a walk near Des Moines, Washington

Thank you, Simon, for the lovely wildflowers! If you're reading this, please add a comment about the trail's location.

Western Skunk Cabbage
Salmonberry Flowers


  1. Hello Sandras,
    I thought I posted a comment yesterday when I was at the Kent library. The computer must have cut me off just as I posted my message.
    So, here goes again:

    The Des Moines Creek Trail is located in a greenbelt designated as Des Moines Creek Park.
    It roughly follows the creek from its mouth on Puget Sound at Des Moines Beach Park to South 200th Street in the city of SeaTac.
    (The city of SeaTac borders immediately north of the city of Des Moines.) The trail is approximately two miles of paved blacktop with lower two third of it in Des Moines and upper one third in SeaTac. (The Des Moines' portion of the trail was just completed in June 2010.) Although the trail lies just south of SeaTac International Airport, its wooded surroundings and dense vegetation along both sides of the babbling creek give you the distinct feeling that you are in an isolated wilderness park, except the occasional airplane noise in the upper third of the trail.
    Because of the misleading sense of isolation, some of the women had told me that they would not want to walk the trail alone. For me, it is like walking in a wilderness area amidst the busy urban environment.
    Another attraction is the Des Moines Marina with its sail boat moorings and ample parking lots adjacent to the southern border of Des Moines Beach Park. Also, Anthony's Homeport restaurant lies at the south end of the Marina.

    I've often been tempted to stop into Anthony's for some seafood and drinks to make up for the calories lost in my 2-mile walks. Unfortunately, Anthony's doesn't start its evening service until 4:00 pm.

    Simon Yang

  2. Thanks for giving more details, Simon. Anyone who's interested in this walking trail (and park) should Google "Des Moines WA Creek Trail."


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