Saturday, October 1, 2011

Praise for I.O.U. SEX

I.O.U. SEX received another really nice review recently. This one was posted on the "Boomer Women Speak" blog by Anne Holmes, Boomer in Chief of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. She wrote:

"I just minutes ago finished reading your novel, "I.O.U. Sex," and I thoroughly enjoyed the way you and co-author Sandy Allen wove together the three women's stories into one satisfying novel."

"And to everyone on the forum reading this post, I urge you to check out Sandy's hilarious book about three lifelong friends who've stuck together over the many decades since high school, and make a pact over drinks one night to look up their old high school boyfriends -- and "make amends" for the sexual frustration their virginal behavior caused."

You can read all of Anne's comments here: Boomer Women Speak

Click on the "Buy I.O.U. Sex" tab above for ordering information.

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