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Sweet Saturday Samples - Oct 15

Our thanks to everyone for coming to our blog to read this week’s Sweet Saturday Sample. We really appreciate your interest! In this week’s scene from our book, friends June, Peggy, and Kiki are rocking in the chairs on Peggy’s front porch, sipping iced tea, and discussing life.

Book Title:  I.O.U. SEX
Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance
    This Excerpt: G
    The Book: R (Sex between consenting adults and some mild profanity) 

       Kiki hesitated, then spoke again. “Peg, what’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?”
Peggy looked up in surprise. "Gosh, I don't know. I've spent so many years thinking like a married woman, I guess I'm not used to considering what I want." She paused to think before continuing. One regret came to mind immediately. "I always wanted children, ya' know? But it's a cinch that's not going to happen now."
Kiki and June sat quietly, listening while Peggy voiced her feelings.
"What I should do, and what I would really like to do, is lose this flab once and for all." Peggy surprised herself with her own words, but as soon as they left her mouth, she realized just how true they were. "I would like to be a healthy person who doesn't have to stop and catch her breath at every turn. I want to get my cholesterol under control and, doggone it, I want to feel good about myself for a change." Peggy looked from Kiki to June, eager to see their reactions to her announcement.
June spoke first. "Then that's exactly what you should do."
Peggy's defeatist attitude surfaced again. "Of course, that's easier said than done. How do you two keep so slim?"
"Hell if I know." Kiki shrugged. "I've never been one to eat sweets. I guess I take after my mother, and you know how thin she was. Her skinny gene is the only good thing she gave me."
June shook her head. "Not me. I'd live on ice cream and chocolate chip cookies if I could. I have to really watch it."
Peggy laughed, surprised to hear June shared her weakness for sweets.
"And I exercise too. I have a couple of workout tapes I use several times a week—the kind where you dance to music." June laughed. "To tell you the truth, they remind me a little bit of our Rayette dance routines."
Peg wondered if she could do something like that.
June continued. "I also do little things, like take the stairs instead of the elevator and park far away from store entrances, so I have to walk farther. Things like that add up. For me, it's a mindset, an awareness."
Kiki nodded her agreement. "I read an article in the Dallas newspaper last week, and it said you should just remember 'calories in, calories out.' It also said you should write down every bite you put into your mouth. You know, keep a daily food and calorie diary." She smiled. "Sounds like a lot of trouble to me, but I can see how it could work."
Peggy listened, wondering if she really could eat healthy and exercise.

The true question may be – Can she find the dedication, stamina, and self-control to take charge of her life? Or will Peggy be like a cat trying to cover his crap on a marble floor – attempting the impossible?

Available in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  

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  1. I think she'll find her true self and take charge of her life! Hope to go along on that journey with her :) Great sample.

  2. Makes me feel guilty about the brownie I had for breakfast.

  3. I think she can do it. She's got a good support group in her friends. Good sample!

  4. Love the awakening moment she has

  5. It sounds like she's discovered her turning point and the will to do something about it. Great sample.

  6. I love the honest dialouge going on here! It really makes you think about your own goals, lol.

    Great sample! Thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

  8. I hope she takes this turning point and makes it count. Sometimes it just takes one little shift in mindset--like turning off a switch--to change a whole life. Great friends here and great sample. :)

  9. I love the interaction between the friends. It's so realistic and shows their different life experiences and personalities. Good job!

  10. The dialogue here is real and engaging. It feels like you're right there in the conversation:)

  11. She really needs to find a support group. Losing weight is not easy and she's going to need a cheerleading squad to help her through the hard days. Hope she can do it!

    Thanks for visiting my ALEX. :)

  12. I love dialogue between friends! Hopefully her friends will help her realize her goal. Nice sample!


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