Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample - Oct 29

            This week we’re again following Peggy, a character from our book I.O.U. SEX. Peg has finally decided this is the day to start getting healthier. We have all experienced that moment of clarity when change is upon us, but what will Peg do with hers?

            With new resolve and inspiration, Peggy dressed and marched down to the kitchen for her first healthy breakfast. She filled the teakettle with water, set it on a burner to boil, then went in search of something low calorie to eat. She found an orange and several apples in the fridge, leftovers from when she’d made an apple cinnamon cake with citrus glaze topping. Choosing the orange, she stood at the sink and removed the peel with her thumbnail. She bit into the juicy pulp—mmmm, delicious—and wondered how long it had been since she’d eaten fresh fruit without whipped cream or sugar on it.
            While waiting for the kettle to whistle, she went to the pantry for a teabag. In her search, she found two boxes of pop tarts, some sugary cereals, and a container of pancake mix, her usual breakfast choices. She threw it all into the trash. Wherever she looked, junk food lurked on the shelves. She attacked the high-calorie items in the same way she weeded her rose beds—without mercy. Ten minutes later, the trash can overflowed and the pantry’s shelves were almost empty. She reached for a pen and started a list of all the things she’d need to buy at the grocery store later that afternoon.
            Sipping her tea, Peggy added other items to her list—workout clothes, walking shoes, socks, pedometer, notebook, as well as a book that listed the calorie content of foods.
            She’d have to do a lot of preparation to really begin attacking her fat in earnest. Rather than be daunted by the work ahead, Peggy felt energized and optimistic. She grabbed her purse and keys. The Farmer’s Market sounded like a good place to start.

Even though she didn’t have a lot of healthy foods on hand, Peg made the most nutritious choice available to her—a fresh orange. She’s off to a great start, because she’s now aware of what she’s putting in her mouth! But as many of us know, the real challenge comes as the days turn into weeks. Can Peggy hang in there with her healthy eating plan? Is there some exercise in her future? Will she find something to inspire her to stick with this major lifestyle change?

Book Title: I.O.U. Sex
Genre: Women's Fiction / Romance
Book Rating: R (sex between consenting adults M/F)
Available in paperback and eBook formats from AmazonBarnes & Noble,  CreateSpace and Smashwords.

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  1. Insipring sample. I hope she stays with it.

  2. Gotta love a girl with a plan :)

  3. This line >> "She found an orange and several apples in the fridge, leftovers from when she’d made an apple cinnamon cake with citrus glaze topping" is my ABSOLUTE fave! Oh, how I can relate to this one! Great excerpt. :c)

  4. I'll happily read along to be there when she makes it! Great sample.

  5. The beginning is always the easiest! But she's got more determination than I do if she actually threw things away rather than eat them up. I'm rooting for her!

  6. She's a strong determined woman. I hope she makes it.

  7. She's got the will and determination now--I think she's on her way! Great inspirational sample.

  8. Farmer's Market! Can I go? I'm so glad to be reading this story. I can't wait to see if she sticks to it! :)

  9. At least she didn't give in to temptation. I would have! LOL

  10. You can do it! I hope she finds someone to diet with, though. It's so hard to try to do it on your own. Good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by my site. :)

  11. It's so much fun to read everybody's comments. Thank you! We sincerely appreciate your input.


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