Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews

Laurie's Non-paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

Want to know what's real and what isn't in I.O.U. SEX? Then check out today's guest post on Laurie's Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews. Our answers may surprise you!

Here's the link: Laurie's Blog

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  1. Hi Sandy,
    I loved the way this book came to be. All this time, I thought the story was real in most parts but now learn that buildings and a diary are real but not the pay back! How fun this is and you must have had a blast writing all of the plot together. Keeping a diary for 40 years and a ticket stub-amazing!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, Rosemary. When we moved cross-country a while back, I got rid of a lot of things but my diaries are my treasures! That ticket stub was hidden inside.

  2. Hi Sandra ~ I loved reading about how IOU Sex came to be. I just ordered it off of Amazon and can't wait to read it. Great interview! ~ Peggy

    1. Hi, Peggy. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the back story of I.O.U. SEX. I hope you have as much fun reading the book as we did writing it.


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