Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Kettle - Enumclaw, WA

In the small town of Enumclaw, a little south of where I live in Washington State, there's a restaurant named The Kettle. Do not go there if you're on a diet! This morning my husband and I made the 15-minute drive toward the foothills of the Cascades where Enumclaw is located. On a sunny day, we could have gazed at the grandeur of Mount Rainier as we drove past fields of cows. This morning, however, we had to take it on faith that The Mountain was there. 

The cafe was packed! We ordered coffee (good), which came immediately. I was really hungry, so I ordered what I thought would be a good-sized breakfast--two eggs, two pancakes, and two slices of bacon. I didn't realize the pancakes would be so big they'd hang over the sides of the plate! My husband had some sort of egg-bacon-potato-cheese concoction that mounded up so high he could only eat half, plus it came with a muffin. We took home enough food for another meal for each of us. 

The Kettle is a great place to bring kids--in fact, we heard a baby complaining--because it is a noisy, laid-back cafe where you'll be surrounded by laughter and conversation. The service was fast and friendly, and we didn't feel rushed.

If you like diners and enjoy a drive through beautiful country to a charming small town, I recommend a stop at The Kettle in Enumclaw. Just be sure to go for a half-order of whatever meal you choose!

Click here for The Kettle's ratings on Yelp.

Sandy Nachlinger


  1. I love diners like this, Sandra. There are a couple in my area. One is 20-miles away and my husband and I usually ride our bikes there so we don't feel guilty about eating. The food is so good. ~ Peggy

    1. Me too, Peggy. I eat at a diner, cafe, or other mom-and-pop type place at least once a week with a friend, and we've discovered some yummy places. We aren't as energetic as you, though. We drive.

  2. Sandra,

    I love mornings like this. I just experienced a mother/daughter day that began at IHOP in Houston. These places are family friendly and the food is delicious.
    What better way to jump start your day!

  3. I agree, Sandra, and I'm sure you had a great time with your daughter. It's fun to occasionally have something besides cereal and skim milk for breakfast! A breakfast at a diner usually lasts me until dinnertime. Besides, I like the idea of supporting local businesses.


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