Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey there! It's me again, the blind hog who is still looking for that "blogger" acorn. You'd think that I would have this blogging thing down pat by now, but alas, that is simply not the case. For example, it took me about twelve tries to post FOR THE YOUNG & YOUNG AT HEART. Twelve! *#@%^*&$*!!! Pardon my French, but it was sooooo annoying! Let's just say I screwed things up royally before I finally figured it out. You may remember that I told you I border on being computer illiterate, and that's sometimes not far from the truth.

I wanted to post some photos of places I have been to that make me think of my personal idea of "Paradise", but I could NOT get the photos to go into the body of this post. Therefore, I am going to post each set of photos in separate posts. I really do apologize for my ineptitude with this dad-gum machine! Dang-nab-it!
~ Miss Pickles (alias Sandra)

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