Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As I sat watching the boob tube this evening, a song I heard kept repeating over and over in my mind - "May you stay forever young." When you ponder that statement for a while, it soon becomes evident to a Baby Boomer like me that perhaps that isn't such a good idea in all aspects of life. For example,

it's super to stay young at heart, but it's not such a great idea to stay the same in the way you looked when you were young. To prove my point, I went hunting for some old photographs of Sandy and me when we were young. Don't you just love our bird legs?

As I was perusing the photos that I found, one that also caught my eye was of us with our hair wrapped around those large brush rollers that I wrote about in an earlier post. I think we were decorating the car for a football game in the photo at the top of this blog entry. Wow! Were we glamorous or what? I think these pictures might convince you that it is sometimes better to age.

~ Miss Pickles (alias Sandra)


  1. I had no idea you had a blog! I read your book and loved it! When is the next one? And boy do I remember those brush rollers! I don't know how I ever slept in those. Remember rolling hair on juice cans? Ironing your hair?

  2. Ha! These are great! Thanx for sharing!


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