Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This entry is coming to you from the other half of this blog - Sandra (Hood) Allen, otherwise known as "Sandra" (as opposed to my co-author & best friend, Sandy Ruth). Wait! I think I'll call myself "Miss Pickles" instead (explanation below). Perhaps you've wondered why I haven't written much in this format. I guess you could say I am somewhat related to one of the characters in our book - Peggy. The poor dear is technologically challenged, as I tend to be at times, but as Peg says, "Even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while." Thus, my blogging debut.

Actually, today I was reading some other blogs and came upon one that inspired me. The blogger talked about how some people are braver behind a computer screen than in front of one, saying you can hide behind a screen. That's not the case for me. I hesitated to add to our blog because of my past history with this confounded machine!

Here are a few examples of my oft-times computer ineptitude:

1) I once typed my daughter's entire term paper (& it was a l-o-n-g sucker!) the night before it was due, and with the punch of one button (Okay, so I clicked the wrong key & I don't even know which one.) disappeared, never to be seen alive again.

2) Sandy Ruth convinced me I could do Facebook a while back. We got on our cell phones, and she directed me through the myriad of maze-like steps. In a matter of only 24 hours I had punched/clicked so many wrong keys that I totally screwed up my entire email address book. I also saw my college daughter's Facebook page and very nearly expired on the spot! Needless to say, I got off Facebook lickity-split!

3) Just a couple of days ago, I looked at some furniture online. It was a well known store's site, and I clicked on a chair to make the fabric sample larger. I swear to you, that's all I did, honest! Suddenly my computer screen went blank and some "viral alert" thingy appeared. Now, I must tell you that I have learned from past experience not to click on things like this. The last time I gave my poor computer a virus that took forever to cure, even with flu medication! So this time I yelled at my computer guru husband, and he came to click this and that and fixed my computer right up. Crisis averted!

See what I mean? I can assure you these are merely three examples of why I haven't been brave enough to blog. But in the future I promise to try harder to find an acorn!

~ Miss Pickles (You'll have to read my blog post tomorrow to find out why I chose to use this blogger screen name - ha!)


  1. I can't wait to find out why you chose Miss Pickles!

  2. This is too funny, Sandra. I, too, am majorly tech-challenged. Rather than thinking of ourselves as techno-duds, however, maybe we can consider the possibility that we're magnetically gifted--our very presence messes with the computer!

  3. I agree with Judy whole-heartedly. There is an old Chinese saying: "Great Geniuses often appear to be stupid"

    Simon says


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