Monday, March 21, 2011


Ever wonder how two writers managed to co-author a book? My essay "Co-Writing a Novel on Kindle" is featured today on the Mysteries and Histories blog.

THANK YOU, J. Gunnar Grey, for including me in your "In Their Own Words" column. (Click on "Mysteries and Histories" above to check it out!)

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  1. Not only am I impressed by your writing and publishing your own book, but also by your willingness to share your experiences. I really enjoyed reading your article, and I think that your book sounds so much fun. I'm looking forward to reading it, one day when my lecturers stop giving me so much homework :) I think older women are a great untapped resource and now my youngest has finished school, I'm looking forward to this phase of my life so much. Thanks to both of you for being inspiring. Thanks, also for the visit to my blog.


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