I.O.U. SEX has received some terrific reviews. Here are a few. Click on the links to read the complete text.

The Romance Writer's Reads:
"I'm just going to get right into it and tell you that I adored this book. It was witty, smart, and unique in a way that kept me hooked right up until the end."

Laurel-Rain Snow's "Rainy Days and Mondays":
"I thoroughly related to the characters as they shared their thoughts and feelings. The dialogue was fun, humorous, and took me right into the hearts and minds of each of them."

Peggy Strack "Kick Back Moments:"
"A fantastic entertaining read." Peggy chose I.O.U. SEX as one of her top five favorite reads for 2012.

The 1940 Mystery Writer
"I.O.U. SEX is a delightful book, with fun characters and a hilarious premise."

Jenna's Journal:
"Would you call your high school boyfriend, the one you kissed and teased, but left unsatisfied all those years ago, and finally say, "Okay, Buddy, I'm ready to pay my dues now?" A hilarious, scandalous, crazy idea? Probably. But would you do it?"

"This book gave me hours of laughter, romance, and friendship."

National Association of Baby Boomer Women's Blog:
"I thoroughly enjoyed the way you ... wove together the three women's stories into one satisfying novel."
"Your three characters seemed like real people to me, ...."

"I loved the characters and how the story progressed.  The little twist at the very end had me laughing out loud!" 

"It's funny, poignant, sassy, sexy, heart-felt, and believable - everything a good book should be and more."
"It has been a long time that I felt so much a part of a book." 
"These 'girls' were so funny and relatable."
"I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I booed."
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"Don't let the title put you off, it's not erotica, these are the intertwined love stories of the friends who get in contact with their high school loves and fall in love all over again.
Nice job!"