Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples - Dec 17

Happy holidays! Welcome to our last Sweet Saturday post for 2011. Today we rejoin our friend Peggy from I.O.U. Sex as she rewards herself for all the hard work required to achieve both better health and weight loss. Tonight she’ll open the envelope containing the private investigator’s report on Mark, her first love. Peg has a unique approach to this momentous occasion.

Peggy had already used the cosmetics lined up on her bathroom counter—everything from moisturizer to mascara—until she looked like she was ready for a night on the town. She had washed her hair too, and styled it with care, even though she'd be the only one to see it. If Kiki and June were here now, she thought, they would say I've lost my mind. Sometimes she wondered if that would be far from the truth. Still, tonight would be a special occasion, and it demanded extraordinary measures. When the voice in her head said "the envelope, please," she wanted everything to be perfect. If that was silly, so what? Nobody else would know.
Peggy stood admiring her image in the full length mirror she had installed on the back of her closet door.
"Geez, Louise. I look pretty damn good, if I do say so myself."
She marveled at her new slender figure, still amazed that her bulging butt had shrunk enough to fit into size 8 jeans. An orange tank top, layered over a hot pink T-shirt, emphasized her curvy shape and perfectly fit her festive mood. She could hardly believe that was really the Peggy Marshall she knew and loved staring back at her.
The twinkle in her deep brown eyes turned into a wink aimed at the figure reflected in the glass. She couldn't resist striking a sexy pose, and that made her burst out laughing. Yep, I'm definitely going bananas, she thought. She turned to search for the silver loop earrings in her jewelry chest and hooked them on, then waved to her own reflection before heading down the stairs. At last, she felt ready.
Peggy's heart beat in time to her footsteps as she marched across the family room to the secretary desk in the corner. She'd felt this same way when waiting to hear if she'd made the Rayette drill team—excited, scared, almost afraid to look at the list posted on the wall of the gym. She knew that whatever she discovered would make a huge difference in her life, both then and now. With a mixture of trepidation and anticipation, she lowered the desk's front panel and reached inside until her hand rested on the oversized envelope she'd hidden there so many months before.
"Come to mama, you little devil," she said aloud.
With trembling hands, Peggy pulled the envelope from its hiding place and walked to the kitchen table, placing it on the wooden surface. She felt like an actress at the Academy Awards, waiting to see what the envelope held. She sat down, pulled it closer, and used a knife to slit one end, drawing the blade under the flap until it gaped open. With a deep breath and a silent prayer, she pulled out the contents.

The details of what was in the P.I.’s report, as well as what Peggy decides to do about her former love, are revealed in the pages of I.O.U. Sex. We’d tell you here, but that would spoil the surprise!

I.O.U. Sex would make a great holiday gift—for yourself or a friend. It’s available in both eBook and paperback formats from:

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  1. Talk about a cliffhanger! I'm glad to see she's feeling so good, though. Great parallels to the awards and tryouts. ;c)

  2. Great sample. Very interesting and definitely a catchy title!

  3. This is such a great scene. I bought the book, too and it's so much fun!

  4. Hmmmmmmmmm what a tease you are :-) Another lovely sample. Have a great holiday.

  5. Oh, I can't wait to find out what's in that envelope! Hope you have a Merry Christmas :)

  6. You've got me hooked. I want to know what's in the report. Have a great Christmas.

  7. That was just mean! ;) You know we all want to know what the note said. Have a merry Christmas!!

  8. And I've read the book so I know what happens! But I won't tell either! Great sample today. Such anticipation for everyone. LOL

    Happy Holidays, Sandra and Sandy!

  9. Great build-up of tension throughout! Peggy is a quirky character!

  10. Great cliffhanger! I'd love to know what's in that envelope.

  11. Oooh, what a great read!! I do believe I know what my next book purchase will be!! Intriguing.

  12. Gotta love Peggy's character in this snippet, but oh! Such a tease to end the snippet there lol!

  13. *Gasp* That's such a bad place to leave me hanging! Ah, well. The book's on my wishlist. Hopefully, the hubby got it for me! :)

    Congrats, Peggy, on a job well done! Now go get your man!


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