Saturday, September 22, 2012



If I could still hang upside down from the swings, I'd tell you.....
it's all in how you look at things!

I thought I'd share some creative birthday greeting ideas that I've tried. Feel free to use any of them!

1. When my best friend Sandy had a major birthday not too long ago, I sent her the same number of cards, one for each year. I numbered them and mailed them in order, but they didn't exactly mind their manners and arrive in the same fashion. Some traveled in packs, and three would sometimes put in an appearance together. This was a little pricy to do, but it was great fun and worth every penny!

2. Keeping these same types of “over the hill” greetings in mind, I used a similar theory when my brother had a big birthday last week. I had to do a little “male” research to come up with some nasty, oops, I mean nice big sister birthday wishes. But this time I sent him the same number of emails as his age, and all on his actual birthday. He was besieged with birthday emails ALL day, and he loved it. It was free and lots of fun to do!

3. My next brilliant birthday idea came when my husband had a big birthday. (Notice I am not giving away anyone's true age in this post. Aren't I being thoughtful?) I used some of those same birthday greetings and typed them up, printed them out, then cut them apart. Later, during the wee hours of the night when he was snoring in dreamland, I stealthily snuck around the house, taping those numbered wishes (the same # as his age!) here and there. Then I made up a poem and pasted it on an envelope telling him to find them all and put them in it to take to his next breakfast with his old pals to read for some laughs. What a fun surprise for him to wake up to on his birthday!

Here are some examples of the birthday greetings I used:

You know you're getting old...
when the only time you live life in the fast lane
is when you have ten items or less!
Happy birthday!

You eat right, get plenty of rest, exercise, and know what happens?
You just continue to look a lot more like your driver's license photo!
Happy birthday!

Have you noticed the older you get, the younger you feel?
Me neither.
Happy birthday!

A little birdie told me it's your birthday.
Then it crapped on my car.
Happy birthday anyway!

A big pile of money would be a great birthday gift, I thought.
But mall security yanked me out of the fountain before I was able to scrape up
a respectable amount. Happy birthday!

For your birthday I would like to share some of my most cherished wisdom:
Never hold in your farts!
They travel up your spine, stop in your brain, and...
that's where crappy ideas come from.
Happy birthday!

*Disclaimer: Some of these sayings were in cards I sent or received, sayings I heard, or they simply come to you from my warped brain. I hope you enjoyed my birthday suggestions.

Miss Pickles (alias Sandra Allen)


  1. Love these ideas!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ooops! I had to remove my typo.
      What I meant to write was that it was great fun to receive all those birthday cards from Sandra -- day after day. She comes up with such creative ways to celebrate events, and that's one reason it's so much fun being her friend.

  3. This was so funny and creative!! If it's your birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My mother's birthday was on September 22nd too.

    all my best, Micki

    1. Hi, Micki! No, neither one of us has a birthday right now, but people in our families have grown one year older recently. Thanks for the birthday greetings anyhow!

  4. What a creative birthday post. I love it!!! ~ Peggy


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