Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample - October 5

It's been a month since I've contributed to Sweet Saturday Samples -- and that's too long! I'm back today with another excerpt from my WIP, Elly and the Geriatrics. This scene takes place after Elly has crashed her grandmother's golf cart into a pile of mulch, and Derek and Elly have shared their first kiss.

      After a quick explanation to her grandmother of what had transpired, amid apologies and assurances that the only thing injured was her pride, Elly headed for the bathroom. A glance in the medicine cabinet mirror confirmed what she’d feared. She looked terrible. Her hair stood out from her head like a red fright wig, a smear of dirt stretched from her nose to her right ear, and bits of mulch dusted her from head to foot like brown snowflakes.
      But Derek kissed me anyway.
      She ran her fingertips over her lips, remembering the feel of his mouth on hers. Those thoughts warmed her and made her wonder why he’d chosen that moment to make a move.
      Don’t question it. It was wonderful.
      Then a piece of bark fell from her hair onto her hand, bringing her back to reality. She shook her head. 
      The man must be as blind as Mrs. Bagley or else really desperate for female attention. 
      Thoughts of those kisses teased her while she showered, towel-dried her hair, and put on makeup. Once those tasks were done, she donned a clean pair of jeans and a cotton shirt. She slipped her feet into strappy sandals.
       I'm not really chasing after the guy.
       She fastened one hoop earring, then the other.
       And I don't want a relationship with him.
       She frowned at her reflection and made a face.
       What do I want?
       She spritzed perfume on her neck. Dammit, it felt good to have a man admire her. Maybe Granny was right. A little flirting wouldn't hurt. Would it?

What's Sweet Saturday Samples?

Each week, writers post brief samples of their work on their own blogs and then link them to the main site, so readers can conveniently “hop” from blog to blog, meet new authors and become better acquainted with ones they already know. All samples are rated PG-13 (or milder), though the books from which they're taken may be spicier. 


  1. Apparently a little flirting didn't hurt as much as the crash! Great excerpt.

  2. Another great teaser!

  3. Oh, I'm glad you brought Elly back! I'd been missing her. I like the visual images as she finds dirt and bark...and her internal monologue made me smile.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. A little flirting sounds like just the thing. Go Elly!

  5. Welcome back! This sample is great, with such internal conflict.

  6. I like her back and forth inner dialogue. I think she'll end up pursuing him.

  7. I think she should try a lot of flirting! LOL She deserves that much! When is this coming out? I want to read it ALL!

  8. Looks like she's going to do more the flirt a little, more like a lot

  9. I loved it when she thought, "He kissed her anyway." Sounds like a terrific story.

  10. I could remember what that is like, that first kiss. But not feeling worth it. Then questioning it. Ah, first love! I love this story!


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